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We offer extremely competative prices on Gold, Silver, Platinum and Diamonds gaurenteed. If you don't believe us get a quote from other gold buyers, than visit us to see the difference!

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At Finley's all of our staff offer courteous & polite service to all of guests. We want everyone to feel like they are our family whether the are buying jewelry or selling jewelry. Everyone is welcome.

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Our stores are extremely clean with high quality security for the safety of our staff and customers. We hope you enjoy the secure environment fit for buying and selling gold and silver.
Price Per Gram Estimate from March 23, 2018
Gold Scrap
24k Au
22k Au
21k Au
20k Au
18k Au
16k Au
14k Au
12k Au
10k Au
8k Au
Silver Scrap
.999 Ag
.925 Ag
.400 Ag
Silver Coin
90% Silver Coin
80% Silver Coin
72% Silver Coin
40% Silver Coin
35% Silver Coin
Platinum Scrap
PT 950
PT 900
PT 850
PT 800
Spot Prices
These Prices fluctuate based on the Market Spot Prices. Your Estimate may be different.