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Engagement Rings

Finley's has a collection of Engagement Rings that cannot be rivaled in all of Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach, and the South Bay. We carry the most beautiful jewelry pieces from classic solitaire settings to fancy and extravagantly designed one of a kind pieces.

We have a passion for Engagement Rings and look forward to helping you find or create the perfect ring for you.

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Custom Engagement Rings

Do you have a ring in your mind that you have not seen in a store yet? Come work with our designers to create the ring of your wildest dreams.

Create from A Photo

We can create anything at all, bring us a photo and we will create the exact same piece in your photo.

Rapid Prototyping

Once we create your piece in the digital world we can bring a live sample to you via 3D Printing in the wax form. This gives you a good understanding of what it will be like to wear the ring before it is made.
Custom Engagement Rings
Start the greatest adventure of your life by designing the perfect Engagement Ring.
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