Loose Diamonds
See the brilliance of the universe in faceted praise.

Buy & Sell Diamonds

At Finley's Jewelers we carry some of the most brilliant diamonds imaginable. From perfect clarity to more budgeted yet still amazing stones that are at a lower price point. We can virtually match any retail price on diamonds and are very confident that you will be pleased with our prices.

We Buy diamonds at the highest values in the South Bay. Our team is equipt with a valuable education from GIA, which is the leading gemological grading institution in the world.

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Diamond Color

The Diamond Color is the grading that informs you of how colorless the diamond is. Most diamonds have yellow color to them which is less desired compared to a colorless stone. See the charts below for more info.

Diamond Clarity

Diamond Clarity is the measurment that infroms you of how clear your diamond is. Many stones have inclusions such as particles or pockets in them that stop the light from shining through. The clearer the better.

Diamond Cut

The Diamond Cut is a measure of the quality of symmetry. The better the symmetry is on a diamond the better the diamond will be at transmitting light through its facets. If the proportions are off the diamond will not have fire.

Carat Weight

The Diamond's size is measured by weight. This unit of measurement is called the carat. Every diamond Carate can be divided in to points. There are 100 points per carat. Diamonds increase in price exponentially by size.
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